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Dave Elder - Musician for Peace

A Jolly Rocker Spokesman for Progressive Values

"Dave's music is off-beat, very eclectic, folksy, delivered with a wonderful sense of timing and a great sense of humor."

-Chris Poh, from radio station WDVR

Folk, rock, blues and country mark the 4 main points of Dave's musical compass, but the listener might pick up a hint of gospel, jazz or even classical flavor here and there. Dave Elder is a dynamic and engaging singer-songwriter-performer with a unique point of view.

Dave's Now Officially a Rock Star

(Saturday, 1/7/17) Today Coast 2 Coast released its #Rockstars Mixtape Volume 14 with If I Was You taking a prominent slot as track 22, and you can find that post here. No further proof of rock star status should be required, although more may be on the way.

Dave's SoundCloud Song of the Month

(Thursday, 12/22/16) Today Dave posted his second SoundCloud track with the song One More Broken Thing. You can hear this cut on Dave's jukebox at this website, but if you'd prefer to cruise SoundCloud, you can find the song here.

Dave Elder's Favorite Songs Playlist

(Sunday, 1/15/2017) Song 338: Rednecks by Randy Newman, who also wrote the song. You can find a YouTube video of it here. I got a subscription to Rolling Stone in September of 1969, not long after I arrived at N.U., and I remember reading a lot about Randy Newman long before I ever heard one of his recordings. The reading sparked a bit of curiosity about his music, but I felt I had so many other artists to catch up on that for a few years I couldn’t seem to get around to him. Then in the fall of ’74, Good Old Boys came along, and after hearing a few cuts on the radio, I decided...Read more

Dave Elder's Jukebox

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would an mp3 be worth? Rather than wading through wordy descriptions of Dave's music, you can easily get a clearer view by listening to the tracks on Dave's jukebox, which includes 7 tracks from his most recent CD Who Said What plus a few cuts from Elder Street and Country Drivin'. Just click on the jukebox and take your pick. You can listen as long as you have the little jukebox window open, even if you leave this website.

Listen to some Dave Elder songs on Dave's Juke Box

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That's Dave on the right, with Jeff Larson (middle) and Craig Rigglesford (left) in Big Sur, many years ago.

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