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Dave Elder - Musician for Peace

A Jolly Rocker Spokesman for Progressive Values

"Dave's music is off-beat, very eclectic, folksy, delivered with a wonderful sense of timing and a great sense of humor."

-Chris Poh, from radio station WDVR

Folk, rock, blues and country mark the 4 main points of Dave's musical compass, but the listener might pick up a hint of gospel, jazz or even classical flavor here and there. Dave Elder is a dynamic and engaging singer-songwriter-performer with a unique point of view.

Dave's October 2020 SoundCloud Song

Speak for Yourself on SoundCloud

(Saturday, 10/3/20) Today Dave posted Speak for Yourself as his October 2020 SoundCloud track, and you can hear it by clicking on the title, or on the image above. This prerelease version gives another taste of the sounds his upcoming CD Elder Statesman will offer. He wrote the piece as an answer to assertions from a certain particular POTUS that sounded ridiculous to him.

If the holiday season flew by without giving you a chance to enjoy Dave's Holiday Card, you can click on the title and find out what you missed.

Dave Elder's Favorite Songs Playlist

(Sunday, 10/25/20) Song 535: How Many Horses by Terry Kitchen, who also wrote the song. You can find a YouTube video of it here. As Dave says . . . Seven weeks after my previous personal friend song post, this week's entertaining opus . . . Read more

Dave's Now Officially a Rock Star

(Tuesday, 3/12/17) In early January Coast 2 Coast released its #Rockstars Mixtape Volume 14 with If I Was You taking a prominent slot as track 22, later moving up to number 21, to 20, and then today to number 19. No further proof of rock star status should be required, although more may be on the way.

Dave's Video in the News

(Wednesday, 11/22/17) Today a story about the If I Was You YouTube video appeared in a newspaper, and you can check out that write-up here. Earlier in the year, back in April, another article about the video was printed in a different newspaper, and you can check out that account here.

(Sunday, 7/2/17) In light of a recent story about DJT, Dave decided that if the U.S. president can do this, then he could too, and so, if you ever wondered what Dave might look like on the cover of Time, this should answer the question. If you'd like to see a bigger version of this, you can find one in the Photos section on Dave's Facebook page here.


Dave on Spotify

You can hear all, or any part, of Dave's CDs Who Said What, Elder Street, Country Drivin', and/or Holiday Card, on Spotify, and you can find those CDs there just by clicking on the titles. In addition, back in early 2017 Dave created two Spotify playlists - Dave Elder's Favorite Anti-war Songs and Me and My Songwriter Friends. The second one showcases the work of some of Dave's good friends who are also fellow songwriters, including Jeff Larson, Patti Rothberg, Joe Canzano and Carol Denney. Clicking on the playlist title will take you to where they live on Spotify.

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That's Dave on the right, with Jeff Larson (middle) and Craig Rigglesford (left) in Big Sur, many years ago.

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