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Speak for Yourself

You say, "We can't afford the butter, boy,

we've got to buy more guns

so if you get hungry

you'll have to bite the bullet, son,

and it takes hundred-dollar screwdrivers

and fifty-dollar screws

to put these guns together, boy,

so guess who's getting screwed!"

I say, "Speak for yourself,

you don't speak for me

and I don't much like the sound

of the way you say 'we'.

Talk about this, talk about that.

Talk about calling something just what it's not!"

You say, "We've got to stop the unions, boy,

from dragging the country down

or they might make the bosses pass that living wage around

and that could mean one less Mercedes

in every rich man's garage!

We've got to keep those workers begging

for every crumb they've got!"

I say, "Speak for yourself..."

You say, "The rich have got it tough, boy,

it's tougher than you think

living in a mansion, riding in a limousine.

So when we cut the taxes

we slice them on a curve

so the rich can pay less

and you can pay more and more!"

I say, "Speak for yourself..."

You say, "It's a free country, boy,

and thank God for it too.

You're free to speak your mind

if you have the right point of view.

You're free to do what you want

until we make it against the law

and you're free to cast a vote

and have your vote not count at all!"

I say, "Speak for yourself..."

You say, "Let's kick some kids off the bus

call it No Child Left Behind

and The Patriot Act should keep the nonbelievers in line.

Clear Skies means that we can put

more smoke into the air

and wise use of the land

means we now can strip it bare!"

I say, "Speak for yourself..."

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 7/11/08. Click here to watch the video.

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