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So Long Friend

We have laughed and joked until the small hours of the morn

and raised a glass or two in from the storm.

So here's to you and me and all the times we've known.

The memories could keep a cold soul warm.

So long my friend until we meet again

and maybe till then might not be so long

but no matter when it will be good to see you then

and talk about the way the time has gone.

The road that I travel when I leave your door

might go some places I've not been before

but no matter how that road might have to bend

someday it will bring me back here again.

So long my friend...

The frost left its fingerprints on your window pane

to let you know that it was here again

and me, when I go, I leave behind a song

so you can tell I've been here when I'm gone.

So long my friend...

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 10/10/08. Click here to watch the video. There's also a lyric video here. You can buy the studio version of this song from Amazon, or you can get the tune, as well as other tracks from the Who Said What CD, from iTunes or CD Baby. You can also buy a copy of the Who Said What CD from CD Baby, if you prefer music in that form, and you can listen to the Who Said What CD on Spotify.

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