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John Republican

He's a self-made man,

he's John Republican.

He worked hard all of his life

to build a stack of cash so high

and now he works hard to make sure that you don't get

the same breaks that he did.

John's father worked for that U.A.W.

and he got paid well for his overtime too

but John knows those labor laws are old and quaint

relics from that Roosevelt Democrat

and a working man today wouldn't be afraid

to put in a 10 or 12-hour day.

He's a self-made man...

John's kids go to the finest private school

and he'll make sure that your kids never do.

John knows those public schools are such a waste

cause the poor kids don't want to learn anyway

and all that education is wasted on the young

cause they're just going to flip burgers when they're done.

He's a self-made man...

Your grandma's Medicare and Social Security,

John knows those are luxuries she doesn't really need

and minimum wagers, John's new deal for you

is the old deal, working for less than you do.

He's cutting taxes for the people at the top

so the rest of us can get trickled on.

He's a self-made man...

John's a devoutly Christian man as well

and he knows the Lord helps those who help themselves

and John's helped himself a lot over the years

to things that might not rightfully have been his

but John knows it's the Christian thing to do

to screw others before they can screw you.

He's a self-made man...

John knows this is a land of opportunity

as long as you can treat others mercilessly.

John knows you could have everything that he does

if you weren't lazy, stupid or on drugs.

Now if you never believed in class war before

John will teach you the facts of life for sure

He's a self-made man...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 11/1/08 - click here to watch that video.

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