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Stormy Winds

No breezes blow but that they call my name

for I'm the lonely child of stormy winds

and so I'm known to the cold snow and rain

and so a stranger to you here I am.

A sign of storm, you turn and sadly smile,

wind tangled in your hair, turning again,

and so was I caught in your arms a while

but you can't hold the child of stormy winds.

Ah, babe, you say I'm not the one you love

and things have changed since we kissed in the rain

so let it fall, the morning railroad comes

and stormy winds will rise to catch that train.

I should have known the moment that we touched

that soon enough we'd part and it would end

so fare-thee-well to you, the one I love.

You can remember me by stormy winds.

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 11/7/08. Click here to watch the video. There's also a lyric video of the studio version of this song here. You can buy the studio version of this song from Amazon, or you can get the tune, as well as other tracks from the Elder Street CD, from iTunes or CD Baby. You can also buy a copy of the Elder Street CD from CD Baby, if you prefer music in that form.

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