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Stand Up Speak Up

Don't sit and watch the world go up in smoke

and then say, "Someone should have

and why didn't they?"

Don't wait too long if you see something's wrong

and you feel really strongly that it needs to change.

Stand up to injustice.

Stand up to deception.

Stand up to those who want to keep you down.

Speak up for the hungry.

Speak up for the homeless.

Speak up for those who need you to speak now.

Don't sit in silence when people are dying

if you've got a tongue that can ask someone, "Why?"

Don't sit stone still when somebody is falling

if you've got a hand that can reach him in time.

Stand up to injustice...

Don't let the lie slide or shuffle on by

if you know the truth that people need to hear.

Thieves always try to muddy the water

to keep honest people from seeing it clear.

Stand up to injustice...

There's a lyric video of this song which you can find here, and can get this track from Amazon here. The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 11/16/08 - click here to watch that video.

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