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Sweet Rainy-day Friend

There's something southern about you

that speaks an easy-going style

of Spanish Moss in bloom, lazy afternoons,

milk and honey running wild.

Let your hospitality shine through,

I ask you, honey child.

Be my sweet rainy-day friend.

Stay with me until I don't know when

the sun comes back again.

When I first saw you I got lost

in deep reflections in your eyes.

I saw the light was a starry Southern Cross

and your arms opened wide.

Now the sky can cry alone

because I'm going to come inside.

Be my sweet rainy-day friend...

For as long as I've been standing in the rain

it still hasn't washed my loneliness away.

Be my sweet rainy-day friend...

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 12/5/08. Click here to watch the video. There's also a lyric video of the studio version of this song here. You can buy the studio version of this song from Amazon or you can get the tune, as well as other tracks from the Elder Street CD, from iTunes or CD Baby. You can also buy a copy of the Elder Street CD from CD Baby, if you prefer music in that form.

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