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Commoner's Carole

See the lights all shining on decorated streets,

the holly and the ivy, the wreaths of evergreen.

The children all happy and smiling

about gifts sitting under a tree.

Hear the bells ring Peace on earth.

Keeping the flame, candles burn.

in harmony with the words

Peace on earth.

On a snowy evening, your footsteps leaving tracks.

In your misty breathing the ghosts of Christmas past

come back to catch you believing

the magical spell that they cast.

Hear the bells ring Peace on earth...

When you sing the words of peace

believe in what you say

and that hope can give a common soul

cause to celebrate the day.

Sitting by the fire with a small circle of friends,

sharing in the laughter that warms each one of them.

You'll keep the memories after the holidays come to an end.

Hear the bells ring Peace on earth...

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 12/10/08. Click here to watch the video. There's also now a lyric video of this song which you can find here.

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