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The Trashman's Coming

The trashman's coming

and you and him have got some business to do.

The trashman's coming

and he knows just where to find you, too.

Sometimes one man's trash

can be just what another man can use.

The trashman's coming.

He's bringing you a little dirt.

The trashman's coming

with a story that you can print.

It might not have a word of truth

but you can still make it fit.

So why don't you just truck

with all his other junk

or find a gutter you can share together.

You can help him grind his axe

and stick it in somebody's back

and then have yourself some laughs --

you're so clever.

The trashman's coming

so don't you tell me that you've got no friends.

The trashman's coming

and he's the one that really understands.

If you've got some dirty work to do

I guess you know he can.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 12/19/08 - click here to watch that video.

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