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Apology to K

Standing beside the blacktop road

with my thumb out to catch us a ride

in the wind and the rain, the heat and the cold,

bright sunlight or deep dark of night,

and every mile walking or riding

you were the one at my side.

I remember what I did to you

and I'm sorry for the bad times

that I put you through

in the story of us --

what a sad tale that was.

With all of your heart you played the part

of the one who just wanted to love me.

I took that love and I wrote it off

as something that I didn't need.

I gave myself all the best lines

and left you few chances to speak.

I remember what I did to you...

For the last act I put you on

in one clever tight little twist

and what kind of fool, careless and cruel

could hurt you the way that I did?

And I don't expect you to forget

but maybe you could just forgive.

I remember what I did to you...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 12/31/08 - click here to watch that video.

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