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Drive Me to Distraction

Drive me to distraction,

way past the point of no return.

Drive me right into pleasure and passion

and let's hit all the high points in between.

Drive me to distraction

and I'm not in any hurry, no.

Just get your two hands on the action

and ease me 'round the bend so slow.

Drive me all the way any way you choose.

I don't really care about direction.

Play it as it lays,

I'll kick off my shoes

and feel that moving rhythm of affection.

Drive me to distraction.

I can tell it's someplace that you've been

and when we get to satisfaction

then you can drive me home again.

There's a lyric video of this song which you can find here, and you can get this track from Amazon here. The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 1/10/09 - click here to watch that video.

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