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Just a Stone

Could have been a piece of coal.

Could have been some old fool's gold.

Could have been a diamond shining.

Could have been a wheel for grinding.

Just a stone, it was just a stone

that anybody could have thrown.

It could have skipped across the water

and it would be gone.

Just a stone, it was just a stone

that once brought a giant down

and it's just a big stone that we're riding around the sun.

Could have been an arrowhead.

Could have been a piece of lead.

Could have been a dusty marker.

Could have been one of the breakers.

Just a stone...

Could have been a work of art.

Could have been somebody's heart.

Could have been the rock of ages.

Could have been some famous faces.

Just a stone...

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 1/31/09. Click here to watch the video. There's also an actual song video here. You can buy the studio version of this song from Amazon, or you can get the tune, as well as other tracks from the Elder Street CD, from iTunes or CD Baby. You can also buy a copy of the Elder Street CD from CD Baby, if you prefer music in that form.

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