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Stand With the Working Man

If you've got a job to do, he's ready

with a strong hand sure and steady

and a fair shake is all he's asking.

So stand with the working man

hand to hand across the land.

You can turn the world around, yes, you can

when you stand with the working man.

You want to know the state of our union.

We make a chain, strong and unmoving,

standing together, whatever we're doing.

So stand with the working man...

We need some answers from the bosses

who take their gains from the workers losses.

You see the trouble that their greed causes

and you'll stand with the working man...

The fat cats don't need to get any fatter.

They can keep their million-dollar mansions

but give workers the living wage we're after.

Stand with the working man...

Don't you tell us we can't do it.

Whatever it is, we'll face up to it

and standing together, we'll get through it.

So stand with the working man...

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 2/7/09. Click here to watch the video.

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