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Only for You

Turn the key in the lock only for you.

Light the lamp in the dark only for you.

Make a place you can rest

with a door, a window, a bed

and a strong roof over your head only for you.

Only for you I'd curse the sun if he treats you unkind.

Only for you I'd call the moon to come out and shine.

Rise up before the sun only for you.

Face the task to be done only for you.

Set my hands to the work

that brings the coin that I earn,

keep it safe and return only for you.

Only for you I'd catch our fleeting moments somehow.

Only for you I'd share the secret places I've found.

Draw the curtains at dusk only for you.

Draw the circle 'round us only for you.

Hold you close when you cry

and wipe the tears from your eyes

and try to make the wrong right only for you.

Only for you I'd turn the tide of sadness you feel.

Only for you I'd try to make at least one dream real.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 2/13/09 - click here to watch that video.

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