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Pieces of the Puzzle

A haze lies over the eastern hills

robbing the view of its distance and feel.

It steals the peaks and the tumbledown coal towns remain.

Over the blue highways and hills

I thought I'd caught the wind in my sails

but the wind shifted and left me drifting this way.

Runaway roads unfold traveling tales untold.

Piece of the puzzle fall in place.

Still I don't know what the picture holds

and what it means I can't yet say.

Factory windows all broken,

railway siding all overgrown --

the ways of old lost out here to something new

and the child who thought the world turned on

whether he did right or wrong

now sees it spin no matter what he might do.

Runaway roads unfold...

A man in California asked me

to bring him the leaf of an eastern tree

so I keep one for the day that I return.

California, she didn't keep

all of the promises she made me.

Still here I am trying to get back to her.

Runaway roads unfold...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 4/12/09 - click here to watch that video.

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