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You'll be shuffling down the street feeling so complete.

This woman you're going to meet will make all that change.

She can teach insanity, breaks laws of gravity

and out-calamity Calamity Jane.

They say Curiosity killed a cat

but I don't really think that she did that.

Curiosity gets to you inside

and then she's got to be satisfied.

She'll get underneath your skin, get you to wondering,

get you to looking in when you should look out.

She'll get you sneaking alleyways, stair steps and window bays

searching for what she says is all over town.

They say Curiosity killed a cat...

The town politicians thought they'd try to pass a law

saying she couldn't talk while walking their streets

so she found a place to sit and started whispering,

gave everyone the itch way down in their feet.

They say Curiosity killed a cat...

Circumstantial evidence, whiskers on a summer dress,

it doesn't prove she's innocent but I think she is.

She likes to have a little fun but she would not hurt anyone.

I don't know where the cat has gone but we will find him.

They say Curiosity killed a cat...

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 4/22/09. Click here to watch the video.

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