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Moving Target

You're seeing things deep in your dreams

down in the night at the edge of your sight

moving around, you can't pin them down.

Shooting at a moving target.

Forgetting keeps getting harder.

Tomorrow keeps looking darker.

The heat and the cold cut through your soul.

The snakes and the bugs run in your blood,

the rain and the wind crying and laughing at you.

Shooting at a moving target...

The old woman steals across the rice fields.

Running, she knew that you would shoot.

You shot her then because she ran.

Shooting at a moving target...

Watching for traps in the jungle swamps.

You didn't know your friend from your foe.

There's something out there still you couldn't kill.

Shooting at a moving target...

On the sidewalk sometimes it comes back.

You can't call it peace. You don't feel at ease

when a back-firing car can set off the spark.

Shooting at a moving target...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 5/22/09 - click here to watch that video.

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