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No Fooling

You said to get in line and then march off.

We had to go fight for a noble cause.

I heard the order, sir, but what I didn't hear,

you didn't say what the noble cause really was.

No fooling, between me and you,

tell me who is fooling who?

You know the bigger the line and hook,

the bigger the fool.

You said "We cannot ever turn around,

we've got to stay the course and stand our ground."

That's easy to say from so far away

and you never stood where the bullets come down.

No fooling...

You can fool all of the people sometimes.

You said we'd turn a corner any day.

So one more turn for the worse, is that what it takes?

And do I believe my own eyes and ears

or listen to what a damned fool has to say?

No fooling...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 6/19/09 - click here to watch that video.

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