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Shots and sirens nearby,

honking horns -- the loudest voice.

Can you make yourself heard

over all the traffic noise?

Go down to the marketplace,

call to those who pass that way,

see who listens to what you say.

Venders cry as you pass

something pleasing to the eye.

Leather skins, colored glass,

people come down here to buy.

Go down to the marketplace...

One man fired at the crowd.

One man pulled out his own eyes.

What can you do to wake

a few of the passerbys?

Go down to the marketplace...

Rough cut video posted to YouTube 8/30/09. Click here to watch the video. I also did a video tour of Harvey Dinnerstein's studio that uses this song as its soundtrack, and you can watch that video here. You can buy the studio version of this song from Amazon, or you can get the tune, as well as other tracks from the Elder Street CD, from iTunes or CD Baby. You can also buy a copy of the Elder Street CD from CD Baby, if you prefer music in that form.

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