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Sunny Side of Life

I walked the ghost town streets today

haunted by things I used to be.

A tumbleweed going my way,

here it was I once had roots in me.

At the back door my mother cries

back on the sunny side of life.

I knew a girl from far away

who came to stay for a few years.

She always said she'd leave someday

but I know that she's still living here.

I wanted her to be my wife

back on the sunny side of life.

But when I looked it up and down

to find a face I recognized

I didn't know the ghosts I found

who spoke echoes in their replies.

I guess I left some friends behind

back on the sunny side of life.

And is it all then in the cards

or in the way you play sometimes?

I never thought it would be this hard

trying to live this life of mine.

The old men were all once so wise

back on the sunny side of life.

I wiped the dust from off of my boots

to leave the emptiness behind.

It's time a gambler changed his suits

and gave up what he came to find.

The truth can cut you with a knife

down to the sunny side of life.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 11/5/09 - click here to watch that video.

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