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How Can You Let Me Leave?

Your summer love, how it passes,

the colors turning around your door.

Your kiss so bright falling to ashes.

Your arms can't reach me any more

and yes, I heard the word, I've got to fly

upon the telling autumn breeze

but I get lost trying to say good-bye

and, oh, how can you let me leave?

I've faced the cold in its season

and watched the roadside for the signs

but love, it knows no rhymes or reasons.

This change in you, it knew no time.

I know the signs, I know the way to go.

I know I said that I'd be free

but there's still one thing that I need to know

and that's how you can let me leave.

I've got a ride to get catching,

taking me from the falling tears.

The twisted road spells out the question,

"What place can you call home from here?"

And me, I wish I had an answer --

something to set my mind at ease --

but it's not words that I'm after

but just how you can let me leave.

Anyway, there's no returning --

your changing love doesn't suit my shoes.

The bridge I stand on now is burning,

yet I can't get my feet to move

and where do I lose this feeling about you --

this chain that's dragging at my feet?

I can't just shake it off the way you do

and, oh, how can you let me leave?

Wearing the gray coat of morning

a lonely scarecrow stands and waits.

Maybe I thought you'd change the story

and for too long I hesitate

but how come you won't wonder where I am

tonight when you lay down to sleep?

Will only sticks and stones make me a bed

and, oh, how can you let me leave?

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 11/24/09 - click here to watch that video.

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