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Feeling like time stopped and left me behind.

Feeling like I'm the lost one somebody didn't find.

Seeing my life disappear one day at a time.

If I'm living, I don't know for sure.

My friends don't know me any more

and I never felt like this before.

Stillwater, you said that our scene, it had to end

but hey, that's not the way to treat a friend.

Looking at stars and far away doesn't seem so far.

Wondering where you are while I'm riding in the back seat of someone's car.

Not knowing where to start, thinking about the way we had to part.

The one you loved, he had walked away

before I came along and said I'd stay.

Then he came back and everything, it changed.

Stillwater, you said that we could still be friends

but hey, I might not see you ever again.

Riding for miles and thinking about you all the while.

The others talk and smile while I play the quiet, helpless child

but I guess someday I'll get beyond this place of denial.

I was so sure, I had believed

that even when you had to set me free

that someday soon you'd come back to me.

Stillwater, I guess I'll have to find another friend

and hey, you've gone away but you'll be hard to forget.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 3/6/10 - click here to watch that video.

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