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Seven Sorrows

Green is the color of the leaves of grass.

Soon they'll be falling as the seasons pass.

Changing colors, then they will burn

and in circles they will turn.

White is the color of the wandering clouds.

Hey, it's not like you to be down and out.

Free and easy you've always been

drawing circles once again.

Blue is the color of the restless sea.

Ships and their sailors all will homeless be

until the waters one day run dry

and draw circles 'round the sky.

Brown is the color of the dusty road.

There on my back I've got a heavy load.

It's no good saying I could be free,

it's just circles I can see.

Gold is the color of the harvest grain.

Child without sorrow, can you feel no pain

for do you hold life without end

or draw circles and pretend?

Black is the color of a true love's hair.

So is the wedding gown that she will wear.

She calls me names that are not mine

and draws circles 'round my time.

Red is the color of the setting sun.

It looks like fire when the evening comes.

Lines of wood smoke will climb and spin

and draw circles in the wind.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 3/14/10 - click here to watch that video. This song is available in a version done for Fast Folk on Vol 6, No. 2, which was called Mike Porco: In Memorium, and you find that CD here.

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