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Shake the Dust

The highway doesn't talk to you,

it just lays down around the bend

saying which way to go and that you're alone again.

You were one too many at a gathering of friends

and you didn't wait around to see how that story ends.

Hear that sound

and you'd better shake the dust right now

and get your wheels to start turning around.

Watch out on those city streets, you've got to watch out for traps

in the smiling faces, corner crowds, card sharks and the sidewalk cracks.

Any kind of lie to tell to get the dollars from you

and they'll know they've nailed you the moment you start to believe it's true.

Hear that sound...

You've got to live your life even if it gets you killed.

Going down the wrong road didn't do it and it never will.

When it gets lonely does the night give you a chill

when it gives you the feeling that you might be standing still?

Hear that sound...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 3/20/10 - click here to watch that video.

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