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Bad Water

Along the stream the plants are dead

and all you can do is shake your head

when the gas men say you can't blame them.

When they first came, who could tell

that they would poison the well

when they made their offer and you signed in ink.

Bad water and now you really need a drink.

You walk the fields in the early light

with their drilling rig standing nearby.

The smell of the land, it isn't right.

To get the gas out of the ground

they shake the earth and move it around.

They say it doesn't matter, well, what do you think?

Bad water and now you really need a drink.

They said their drilling wouldn't hurt anything.

They said that lie a hundred different ways

but go fill a glass with the truth and ask if they want a taste.

The dirty thieves and lowdown snakes

with fancy suits and clever ways

took what they've got no right to take

and now they want one more chance

to show what they can do across the land.

They're really good talkers -- these boys, they don't blink.

Bad water and now you really need a drink.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 4/13/10 - click here to watch that video.

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