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Just One More Day (in the War)

Picture these three shady figures,

fingers on their triggers, leaning by the wall,

chasing whispered information.

They could have been mistaken

but that wouldn't be their fault.

For the men who broke through the door

it was just one more day in the war

and the woman lying on the floor,

she was also just one more.

The woman, her name was Kathryn Johnston,

a ninety-two-year-old grandma,

kind and caring, you know.

And grandma didn't sell marijuana

but these three hadn't bothered

to find out that was so.

For the men who broke through the door...

And can you guess who this war is against?

Look at the prisoners, the women and men.

One thing they all have in common,

the color of their skin.

Seeing she was barely breathing

as she lay there bleeding,

they slapped on the cuffs.

They could have called for help for the woman

but what they were busy doing

was planting some stuff.

For the men who broke through the door...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 5/21/10 - click here to watch that video.

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