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Can't Catch the Train

Walking into the station,

you missed the one that never came.

No ticket, no reservations

and no one but yourself to blame.

You can't catch the train

to take you back to your old ways.

You thought you needed to know

and then the truth looked you in the face

and now you listen for voices

from another time in this place.

You can't catch the train

to take you through the falling rain.

The railroad got torn up

and now rocks and weeds are all that remain

and any truth you need to know

you can see through the broken window panes

but you can't catch the train.

You got here a little too late.

There's a lyric video of this song which you can find here. The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 6/30/10 - click here to watch that video, which has a few different words.

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