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I Could Be Free

I could be free,

I could be free.

Jesus died on the mountainside

and I could be free,

I could be free.

Just look over your shoulder

as my time gets closer.

Boss man standing over me, you just wait and see

'cause I heard a voice higher

than the rain and fire

calling to the liars

who draw their dark chains tighter on me.

I could be free...

In the light and shadows

of that bright tomorrow,

I've got to follow where them footsteps lead.

The one hand stronger

than those working bosses

and their chains and crosses

is gonna shake the ground and deliver me.

I could be free...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 7/6/10 - click here to watch that video. The lyrics below match those in the video.

You Could Be Free

You could be free,

you could be free.

Jesus died on that hillside

and you could be free,

you could be free.

When you're down at the bottom

you've got to keep on working.

That's something every poor man's son can understand

but remember this, brother,

when the boss man's orders

fall upon your shoulders,

that no man can hold your soul in his hand.

You could be free...

Even chains of iron,

they can be broken,

so if a chain is holding you, holding you strong,

just keep watching and waiting

for a new day breaking

when the ground will start shaking

and the chains that hold you will be taken off.

You could be free...

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