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That Mountain's Gone/Old King Coal

You might have heard the preacher,

you might have heard him say,

"You can move a mountain if you have the faith."

The coal company people, they've got faith all right.

They really believe in the power of dynamite.

The Good Book talks about fire and brimstone.

Here the earth shook and rocks and dust came raining down

and all that stood, they blew it right to kingdom come.

That mountain stood here

for thousands of years

but now the sky looks all wrong

because that mountain's gone.

As the crow flies over the place that mountain stood

he can find no trace of its meadows or green woods

and down in the hollow where the river used to flow

the water won't be going that way any more

and that bird can find no place there to rest

because nothing lives in the wasteland that they left

and you can bet there's some real poisons in that mess.

That mountain stood here...

The coal company people tore the mountain down.

They took what they wanted and then they moved on

but the other people, the ones who lived nearby,

they're the ones who struggle each day to pay the price

and sometimes the earth moves again, oh, lord,

and the landslide comes right down to someone's door

and there's no water to drink here any more.

That mountain stood here...

Old King Coal, he rules here still,

rules these hollows and these hills,

always did, maybe always will.

Bow down to Old King Coal.

He will be a merry old soul

as long as he has your silver and gold.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 7/20/10 - click here to watch that video.

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