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Thought You Were an Artist

I thought you were an artist

who sketched the landscape right in front of me.

I thought you drew the line

between the land and sky

and shaded in the earth beneath my feet.

I thought you were an artist.

Your touch, it turned the hillside green and gold.

You brushed the clouds aside,

you looked at me and smiled.

Your kiss, it made the wildflowers unfold.

I thought you were an artist

who colored sunlit meadows in your style.

I thought we walked and laughed

along a mountain path

in some place where the strawberries grew wild.

I thought you were an artist

until you turned and walked out of the scene.

Your colors all around, they all came running down

till darker shades of grey surrounded me.

I thought you were an artist

but places where we walked I cannot find.

One thing I can see, a mark left on me,

though you might think you left the work unsigned.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 8/30/10 - click here to watch that video.

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