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Way to a Woman's Heart

Shuffle the words. Deal them again.

With one more chance maybe you can win

but somehow you can't get your hands on the queen.

Something you said brought her around

but your fine lines aren't holding her now

and your clubs and diamonds can't tell you where she could be.

The way to a woman's heart --

you were so sure at the start

but now you aren't.

You had a key that opened her arms

one night out walking under the stars.

Later you said how pretty she looked at dawn.

You thought you found some great unknown

and then one morn you woke up alone,

not a sign to tell you where she could have gone.

The way to a woman's heart...

The way to a woman's heart might be any way you find

and if you find the way then you just might stay on her mind.

You saw a flame there in her eyes.

You thought that you could follow that light

till the moment you saw that light going out.

You listened to things that she said

and round and round in circles you went.

At the end you wondered what it was about.

The way to a woman's heart...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 12/11/10 - click here to watch that video.

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