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Moonshine Man

Back in the hills down in Tennessee

they've got a special brew

made from an old family recipe

that's tested, tried and true.

Folks, they don't like paying whiskey tax

on this old homemade brand.

They sell the stuff right behind the backs

of tax men across the land.

What do you think they call a man

who drives the stuff right past Uncle Sam?

He's a moonshine man.

You see the man who says he's got a farm

but his hands are never brown.

He's got a girl hanging on each arm

each time he comes to town.

Take a good look at the car he drives,

it's one real fast machine

and it can do things that your car can't

if you know what I mean.

He'd have to be a great farm hand

to make those bucks working on the land.

No, he's a moonshine man.

If you go down to the good old South,

down past that Dixie line,

you'll understand what it's all about,

you'll see that old moonshine.

Deep in the night you can hear the sound

of brakes and spinning wheels.

Look and you'll see lightning coming down,

the law right on his heels.

Who makes the wheel turn in his hand?

He'll get it there if anyone can.

He's a moonshine man.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 12/21/10 - click here to watch that video.

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