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True Blue

When I first heard your voice the sound between the lines

caught my ears and lit my tongue.

I thought you and I had a mystical tie

and that two could become one,

riding on romantic harmonies

along a rising flow of love.

True blue as it came around.

True blue -- the looks and the sounds.

Sad but true, my feelings over you

and the way the twists had to come down.

The spark that lit my fuse got me reaching out

and giving you a few calls.

I didn't know you then the way I do now.

Now I don't know you at all,

but I do know a dream that can't come true

because of how the pieces had to fall.

True blue...

Maybe someday I will understand why

I got so obsessed by you

even when you tried to make me change my mind

and shatter my romantic views.

All that time that I spent listening,

I still didn't add up two and two.

True blue...

The rough cut video of the song was posted on YouTube on 12/29/10 - click here to watch that video. The lyrics below match the ones in that video.

True Blue

When I first heard you sing I wanted to find

a place for me there in your songs

but what that place could be, for all that I tried --

everything I did was wrong

but now I see my part coming to me

and the shades of what I've taken on.

True blue on the losing side.

True blue -- you see it in my eyes.

Sad but true forever over you,

I'll go down with all my colors flying.

That first night we met I heard your sad sound

and thought I should give you a call.

I didn't know you then the way I do now.

Now I don't know you at all,

but I can see that you won't be with me

though it's too late to try to catch my fall.

True blue...

I listened to your words and between the lines

you painted a real picture show

but for all I heard I never did find

the piece I felt I had to know

so color me the fool who didn't leave

when you told me that I ought to go.

True blue...

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