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True Blue

When I first heard you sing I wanted to find

a place for me there in your songs

but what that place could be, for all that I tried --

everything I did was wrong

but now I see my part coming to me

and the shades of what I've taken on.

True blue on the losing side.

True blue -- you see it in my eyes.

Sad but true forever over you,

I'll go down with all my colors flying.

That first night we met I heard your sad sound

and thought I should give you a call.

I didn't know you then the way I do now.

Now I don't know you at all,

but I can see that you won't be with me

though it's too late to try to catch my fall.

True blue...

I listened to your words and between the lines

you painted a real picture show

but for all I heard I never did find

the piece I felt I had to know

so color me the fool who didn't leave

when you told me that I ought to go.

True blue...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 12/29/10 - click here to watch that video.

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