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One More Cat Tale

If you have to do the cat walk on a hot tin roof,

you step it fast and lightly, the way she would do

and if you’ve ever seen her stretching out her claws

you’ll know you've got to watch out for the cat's paw.

One, two, the cat's in her boots.

Three, four, the cat's at the door.

Five, six, the cat does her tricks.

Seven, eight, the cat gets her way

and it's well, well, one more cat tale.

If you're the cat's pajamas, then you cover her

so no one ever has to ask why and what fur

and hearing her, it's purrty clear from how she sounds

that somebody will want to be cat's meow.

One, two, the cat's in her boots...

When you don't talk about what's been going down,

Has the cat got your tongue?

And is life fair when she has nine

and you have only got just one?

One, two, the cat's in her boots...

There's a lyric video of this song which you can find here, and you can get this track from Amazon here. There's also a YouTube video where Dave explains The Story Behind My Song One More Cat Tale and you can watch that by clicking on the title.

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