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Following that dusty river,

two prospectors looking for a claim.

Partner, we never found the silver

though from a distance we saw some flickers.

Up close the shine always faded away.

Trying to catch that Northern Pacific,

thinking maybe it could take us home.

Partner, we never had a ticket

though we thought we still might catch it.

Now we know we never even got close.

Ride on, chasing after the songs,

hitting the stage and then gone,

looking for another one.

Seeing how our luck was running,

when that trail, it went two different ways,

partner, I guess we saw it coming

that you'd go one way, I'd go the other

but the two might meet up again one day.

Ride on...

Tracking down legends and rumors,

sometimes all you find's a pile of sand.

Partner, you know my aim is truer

and if you're needing a real straight shooter

I'll try to get there with my six in my hand.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 3/16/11 - click here to watch that video.

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