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She Could Be

She came walking through the door

of this little restaurant

where I sat because I hadn't walked away

and she turned my head for sure

as I lost my train of thought

somewhere in her magic sway.

Though I didn't mean to stare

I could hardly help myself

as the edges of the room began to blur

and the feeling in the air

carried me to somewhere else,

a world turning around her.

She could be the one to open the door into a dream,

walking hand in hand on a dusty country road,

laughing with a summer breeze.

I could picture her in lace

with a long, dark flowing gown

and soft candlelight reflected in her eyes.

In a Cinderella face

a real princess could be found

that rags and ashes couldn't hide.

As she sipped her cup of tea

the wheels turned inside my head

as I searched my foggy mind to find a plan

and I thought of clever things

that I never could have said

but a plan I didn't have.

She could be the one...

How I wished I knew the way

to the table where she sat

there a thousand miles away across the room

but I couldn't see a trace

and I didn't have a map.

I just didn't have a clue

but as I stood up to leave

then her eyes looked into mine

and the moment left me lost somewhere in space.

When my thoughts came back to me

then I turned around and sighed

and I walked out of the place.

She could be the one...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 4/13/11 - click here to watch that video.

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