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Unsettled Ways

Born in the calm just before the storm,

as the dark clouds formed you watched and learned.

You didn't stay around that little river town.

You had to find out how the world turned.

The more you saw through the cracks and flaws

to the deep root cause of how things really work

the more you found yourself going place to place

and sometimes you'd talk back to a face

who asked you,

"Where'd you get your unsettled ways?"

Walking the streets you can't help but see

the cracks beneath your feet that don't get fixed.

You walk on by buildings so high

that were built on lies both small and big

and when you see through what these liars do

they sure don't need you talking about it.

When you don't want to play their game

some of them will try to make you change

and they'll ask you,

"Where'd you get your unsettled ways?"

You get that feeling in the morning

putting on your shoes.

You get that feeling in the morning

that you've got to move.

So the big shots hire their silver-tongued liars

for the smoke and fire to mislead and confuse.

Doing their dirt they don't care who gets hurt,

they get their money's worth and they always do.

When you talk about how this all goes down

they don't like the sound of that cold hard truth.

When the big shots don't like what you say

they let you know they don't want you to stay

when they ask you,

"Where'd you get your unsettled ways?"

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 7/5/11 - click here to watch that video.

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