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After the show you walk her to her door.

She says, "Please come in for a drink."

You say, "Sure."

She says, "Would you like to spend the night?"

You just grin.

With her hand on your knee,

she says, "Let's just be friends."

"Friends, friends, let's just be friends.

Let's just be what we've always been.

Do I have to tell you again

and again and again and again and again,

you're a nice guy, I really like you,

I think you're really sweet.

Let's just be friends."

She pours you a strong one and then dims the lights.

She sits on your lap and gives you a big smile.

She hikes up her skirt,

takes off her stockings and says,

"You know you're so sensitive,

let's just be friends."

"Friends, friends..."

With her head on your shoulder the way that she sits

that low-cut dress gives you a good view of her neck.

She unbuttons your shirt, puts her hand on your chest

and whispers in your ear,

"Let's just be friends."

"Friends, friends..."

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 9/1/11 - click here to watch that video.

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