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Reasons to Rock

Your glass shoes made for waltzing,

you left one of them behind.

Your threads change into rags before your eyes

and your wheels turn to a pumpkin

as the clock, it strikes thirteen

but it's not quite as bad as it seems.

It's just one more reason to rock.

What more do you want out of life?

It's just one more reason to roll

so let yourself go, it's all right.

Somebody's kiss just woke you

and from the looks, it appears

you've been asleep at least a hundred years

and now they walk and talk different

and your hair style's out of date

but don't worry because you're not too late.

It's just one more reason to rock...

You don't want to let your hair down

because you think maybe some fool

might then try to climb all over you.

Some fools, they can figure,

but all that glitters is not blonde

and that puts a new twist in the magic wand.

It's just one more reason to rock...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 9/7/11 - click here to watch that video.

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