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On Country Time

While you're waiting for your ride at the station

you could get a cup of coffee

but the cafe that's supposed to be open at seven

still isn't at seven-thirty

and someone should be at the cab company

but no one picks up the line

but they're not really late, they're just on country time.

You forgot to set your watch back to country time.

So slow down, Mr. Uptown,

you might wear your feet out racing around in the city

but here in the country it looks kind-of funny,

you're walking and talking so quickly

and if you want to watch that clock,

you'd better learn to read it right.

It's a wagging tail past a cat's meow on country time.

It's a quarter to a cool autumn breeze on country time.

It's half-past your first lemonade on country time.

It's coming up to a neighborly "hello" on country time.

It's a dog's hair before the stroke of lunch on country time.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 10/11/11 - click here to watch that video.

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