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I've seen some birds head south flying

as they hear the north wind crying

and those wingers sure can cover a lot of ground.

I thought I had a mate who rode my beat

but then Jody flew away from me

and where she landed I did not find out.

I felt a lift when I met Jody

and as just friends we went rolling.

Rambling with her always felt so very good

and then one day our two lips touched

and I started calling her my love,

hoping that from then on I always would.

Maybe I could find Jody

by the way those birds are going

but I don't have the kind of wings they do

so I cannot go where those flyers went

and I will never make the rainbow bend.

The dream of finding her did not come true.

There's a lyric video of this song which you can find here. The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 11/8/11 - click here to watch that video. The lyrics below match that video.


I've seen the south birds flying

as they hear the north wind crying.

By this time tomorrow they'll be far away.

Jody was the one that I

thought I could tell tomorrow by.

Watch her fly and she's gone with yesterday.

Could I find her again?

Could I find the rainbow's end

bending with every singing drop of rain?

I could walk a thousand miles

and still be the foolish child

who wanted to believe that she would stay.

What if I could find Jody

by the way those birds are going?

What if they could take me right to her?

In the spring they'll fly back north

to the places where they were before

but she has no reason to return.

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