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Old Frackdonald

Old Frackdonald had a farm, ee-ii, ee-ii, oh

and on his farm they drilled for gas, ee-ii, ee-ii, uh-oh

and there's barium here, other heavy metals there,

radioactivity everywhere;

gas bubbles here, gas bubbles there,

ignitable tap water and methane flares;

benzene here, toluene there,

volatile organics leaching into the air;

xylene here, acetone there,

2-butoxyethanol in the aquifer;

phenol here, ethylbenzene there,

trimethylbenzene underground somewhere;

anti-freeze here, formaldehyde there,

a ton of diesel fumes in the air;

an open pit here with drilling waste there

and stuff leaking out through 3 or 4 tears;

so his animals and the crops he grows

have chemicals inside that would make you scared.

Old Frackdonald had a farm --

one big environmental nightmare,

but as long as he got paid he didn't care.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 11/21/11 - click here to watch that video.

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