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Down The Road A Piece

Riding the storm out and on a dark horse at that.

It's maddening, no doubt, just holding on to your hat

as the rustling wind in the trees

leads you down the road a piece.

Over and under till you come back around again

stealing the thunder and trying to outrun the rain

and up ahead a pack of wild geese

free fly down the road a piece.

Queen of the highway, she once made the meadows green.

You're looking sideways but she's nowhere to be seen

but still everybody agrees she's back down the road a piece.

Selling you notions, people, they say you need some.

So much commotion about nothing and no one

and you can't stop riding the breeze.

Please get down the road a piece.

Kites and the lightning, electricity's the trick.

You keep on riding, you might see how it ticks

and the man with the skeleton keys,

he's back down the road a piece.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 1/10/12 - click here to watch that video.

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