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Old Country Home

Picture an old wooden two-story standing

with a front porch and some gables in sight.

Color the sky blue as memory can be

under a few scattered brushes of white.

Set the house beside a wooded hill

best seen in summer-long green.

Make it hazy around the edges

and smaller than it once seemed.

It's a long way back to my old country home

in many more ways than just the miles

and when you ask, what you're asking you don't know.

You never could unless you were the child.

You see the boy running that dusty highway,

weeds by the road waving as he goes by.

Laughter and tears and the learning of child games,

learning to act and to believe the lies.

Now faces and names that once cut deep

against the grain have faded some

and it's harder now to know something for sure

but he still knows how to run.

It's a long way back to my old country home...

Taxes and change and death -- all in this life that's sure.

You know the folks always said it like that.

I wonder if they still sit on that front porch

shaking their heads at the world going by.

Talk about the weather, days gone by,

children and who married who.

I can still hear the small town talk telling me true

that it's a long way back to my old country home...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 2/23/12 - click here to watch that video.

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