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Mystic Sailor

Mystic sailor, bad luck runs in broken mirrors you sail on.

Mystic sailor, try to warm cold harbors in from the storm.

Mystic sailor, flags have flown, even the skull and crossbones,

but what one could you call your own?

Mystic sailor, you need a mate who knows the changes in the trades.

Mystic sailor, your piece of fate to ride a sea of drifting days.

Mystic sailor, salty taste - a wicked brew, the rising waves.

Every drop's a link of chain.

You see the moon, you watch the sky

for the stars to set your compass by

to chart your course across the night on your watch

and as you look, you listen too

for the distance sound that calls to you from the rocks.

Mystic sailor, breakers crash could take you to the bottom fast.

Mystic sailor, if pirates do attack, then you will have to fight back.

Mystic sailor, standing fast days and nights before the mast

until you see your lighthouse at last.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 3/12/12 - click here to watch that video. The final verse of that version has a few different words from the one that appears on Dave's December 2023 CD Rock Ave.

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