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Changing Faces

Ride into a sleepy town,

thinking as you touch the ground,

the kind of place you could settle down

but for the signs.

Poster of the wanted kid,

you don't look so much like it.

Maybe this place you won't get too recognized

but then someone says, "Hey, friend,

aren't you somebody known for something?"

and it's high time you were changing faces again.

Back in the town you came from

folks hear about what you've done.

Say, can this kid be the one we used to know.

Well, they sure don't know you now.

When you go back to the town

old acquaintances all around don't say hello

but then someone says, "Hey, friend..."

The reputation that you've got

follows in a firing shot,

keeps you riding pretty hot around and around.

Doing what you've got to do

keeps keeping you on the move.

Find someplace to rest your boots,

some sleep town,

but then someone says, "Hey, friend..."

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 4/1/12 - click here to watch that video.

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