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Strange Blues and Grays

Standing by the roadside with your thumb pointed towards a distant haze.

The cars and trucks that go by seem to be running in a race

to get to the horizon where you see those strange blues and grays.

The twists and turns keep you guessing about what you'll find on your way.

As you're looking westward you can see some dark clouds and some rain

so now it looks like you're heading into some strange blues and grays.

As you feel the wind changing the colors above you do the same

and with the soul of a painter you feel you ought to know their names

but as the colors get stranger you wonder how you'd fit them into a frame.

If all the world's a canvas, how do you find your own place?

Do you sketch yourself in after the background starts taking shape

and will the sky above you be slanted towards those strange blues and grays?

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 5/6/12 - click here to watch that video.

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