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Reasons Rhyme

Daylight strays through the window shades

and picks me up off the shelf.

In a blur, how can I find her

and how can I find myself?

I shake off the dust of the night

but there's one dream I can't shake.

I step out under the light

half-expecting the sky to break.

She makes the reason rhyme

but I can't make her mine.

She says it's him she loves

and I believe she does.

On the street shuffling my feet,

I try not to seem so sad.

Friends of mine say I'm looking fine

but I'm just about to crack

and I feel that everyone knows

though nobody says anything.

The faces, they come and they go

but there's little help they can bring.

She makes the reasons rhyme...

There's a lyric video of this song which you can find here, and you can get this track from Amazon here. The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 5/17/12 - click here to watch that video.

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