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Road Sign

Headlights cut through the night drizzle

and look for the heart of the darkness

past houses and fields that know the riddle

and trees that stand silent and careless

for the road is your lover

who brings you sweet songs.

She sings you sweet songs

but she never lets you stay too long with another.

Highway signs point out directions

and whisper of roads not yet taken.

The first one you loved, you remember.

When she set you free she was saying

that the road is your lover...

You remember the one from the city,

her face lit by one flash of lightning.

On that dark mountain road she looked pretty.

It comes back to you times when you're riding

but the road is your lover...

Counting the mile markers passing,

is that the way your days are numbered?

Who knows where you will be landing

or the bridges gone over and under

for the road is your lover...

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on YouTube 6/4/12 - click here to watch that video.

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