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Wheel - a Reinvention

A wheel is the best way to get around.

If you've got two you can go to town.

You can ride smoother if you've got four

and with eighteen you're truckin' for sure.

As soon as you get a new set of wheels,

give it a spin and see how it feels.

You might turn a corner when it's your turn.

Turn for the better, don't turn for the worse.

One revolution is how it begins.

You have to start somewhere, start when you can.

As you get rolling you can make tracks,

tracking and trekking to the moon and back.

When you're on a roll you might go somewhere.

You might square the circle, circle the square,

take the right angle, stop on a dime,

or stretch a point to make a line.

As you get cruising, if you want to truck

you can deliver and you can pick up.

When you've got the goods you carry the load.

Just don't forget the rules of the road.

Free wheeling and dealing can take you far,

but before you floor it, just see where you are.

When you get your bearings, you can get lost.

Just watch the mile markers and bridges you cross.

You might travel better if you travel light

and don't take the low road when you're riding high.

You'd best know your limits and watch for the signs

that keep you in it, between the lines.

When you need directions your compass can show

which way you're headed and which way to go.

All points being equal - north, south, east and west -

you don't need the needle to show which is best.

Racking up mileage when you're on the go,

your own auto-pilot can maintain control,

and with your fellow travelers criss-crossing paths,

it may not matter where you might land.

Spanning the world, connecting the dots,

might bring you full circle if you're a hot rod.

You can go the distance if you've got the drive

and when you see the tell-tale signs, you'll know you've arrived.

The rough cut video was posted on YouTube on 12/17/17 - click here to watch that video.

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